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    Welcome to our course on Global Virtual Teams where you can acquire and practice skills needed for the future of work!

    A 2017 survey by Deloitte on the future of work found that 72% of corporate executives saw virtual teaming capabilities across cultures as becoming significant and normative in the next five years.

    To keep up with global trends and to keep its students’ skills up-to-date, Aalto University School of Business is also offering a course in which you can learn about how to successfully work in global virtual and multicultural teams and also practice these skills in a team project.

    You will join a global team comprised of students from different universities across the world. Our course’s corporate partners are Google, Starbucks and Amazon to which project reports produced by top three teams (per each company) will be forwarded for review and consideration.

    We can accommodate 50 students, so be sure to register in WebOodi as of Jan 28.

    See the syllabus under Course Syllabus for more details.