• Risograph & Independent Publishing, 27–31 May

    with Tuukka Kaila


    The workshop provides an introduction to risography as a method for 
    producing printed matter in the context of publishing as artistic 
    practice. With a strong practical emphasis, we will look at risography 
    as a printing technique and explore its unique aesthetic, practical 
    strengths and technical limitations. Working either alone or in small 
    groups, participants will produce a small printed publication, for 
    example a zine, a poster or a foldable combination of the two.

    Preparation before the workshop

    Students are encouraged to have an idea and prepare some relevant visual 
    or textual material for their publication in advance. The final design, 
    pre-press, printing and post-production will be done during the 
    workshop. Please note that designs must be ready and printing begin on 
    the second day.

    Learning objectives

    Through hands-on process, the students will learn the basics of 
    risograph workflow from design and file preparation in Indesign to 
    actual print production from pdf's. The course provides best practice 
    tips for designing, colour managing, pre-pressing and producing 
    risograph prints. Focus is on learning the technique rather than fine 
    tuning the concept. Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged 
    to consider the possibilities of publishing in relation to their own