Topic outline

  • Welcome to LC-1114 Communicating technology!

    Time:    Fri 0900 - 1200

    Room:  R001/M205

    Teacher:  John Weston 
                      (consultation by appointment only)


    During this course, you will learn to apply principles of successful communication and strategies that enhance readability of texts as well as effectiveness of an oral presentation. Throughout the course, you will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, developing your text and your presentation as well as consolidating your ability to use English in interactive situations. In addition, you will give and receive constructive feedback and revise your work accordingly. 

    This course goes
    through a lot of topics in just a few weeks and requires regular work on assignments in addition to attending the lectures and completing independent work online. So, in order to make it both useful and fun for yourself, promise yourself to work hard during these few weeks and make a really good effort to stay on schedule. 

    All the weekly assignments progress step-by-step towards the final version of the written report and the presentation, so timeliness is extremely important!

    See also:
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