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    What is Aalto Drawing?

    Aalto Drawing is an online course, focusing around a gamified online learning application of the same name. This app teaches you the basics of drawing and visual communication skills in a gameful, easy to approach manner. Once you gain 1000 stars in the Aalto Drawing game and answer the accompanying surveys, you are awarded 1 credit.
    No need to have any experience on visual arts beforehand - the app starts from the very basics. All you need to provide is a touchscreen android device, preferably a tablet to make your learning experience better.  

    Course Schedule

    • Course start 5.12.2018 
    • (optional) Media Lab Xmas Demo Day 5.12.2018
    • First material return date (date specified later)
    • Material return through the application 3.2.2019 until end of February


    Contact information 

    Iina Nokelainen (

    Course assistant 
    Christina Lassheikki (

    Supervising teacher
    Martti Raevaara (