Topic outline

    The Think Corner has been a success as a public meeting point and display of Helsinki University. How can its principles – service-dominant logic, user-centeredness and networked services be implemented on the whole campus? The course is part of Urban Academy collabioration between Aalto and Helsinki University. 

    Responsible teachers

    prof. Jarmo Suominen (

    main instructor: Natalia Vladykina (

    14 January - 21 February,  5 credits.

    Mondays are active days with lectures and guest speakers in Väre; Tuesdays and Wednesdays are tutoring and work in progress, we can as well set individual tutoring times by request, we also encourage visits to Helsinki University Campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

    Final review will take place on Thursday 21st February.

    Monday 14/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Tuesday 15/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Wednesday 16/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Monday 21/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Tuesday 22/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Wednesday 23/01/2019 13.15-17.00

    Monday 28/01/2019 14.15-17.00 at room R028/Q202

    Tuesday 29/01/2019 morning visit

    Monday 04/02/2019 13.15-17.00 at room R028/Q102

    Tuesday 05/02/2019  morning visit

    Monday 11/02/2019 13.15-17.00 room R028/Q103

    Tuesday 12/02/2019  morning visit

    Monday 18/02/2019 13.15-17.00 room R028/L102


    Thursday 21/02/2019 13.15-17.00 Final review