Topic outline

  • A master's thesis demonstrates readiness for scientific thinking, command of research methods, conversance with the topic of the thesis, and ability for scientific communication. There is no single correct form for the thesis project. For example, you can choose between:

    • a theoretical piece, where you begin by identifying a gap in the literature and look for a good research context to study this missing knowledge area, or
    • an applied piece, in which you apply an established or self-developed theoretical framework to give recommendations, ”test the model” or solve a practical issue.

    The goodness of a master’s thesis is always evaluated within the traditions of the field of study as well as the institution granting the degree. Aalto University School of Business has constructed a master’s thesis evaluation rubric to articulate its evaluation criteria as well as the expectations we place upon thesis work. 

    Before starting your thesis project, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the master's thesis evaluation form and rubric below. You can also find links to some examples of theses done in the department of marketing in the page below. In addition, you can discover other open-access BIZ Master's theses through the Aaltodoc repository (locked theses can be downloaded using Learning Centre's client computers).