Topic outline

  • JOIN-A0002 Conducting Small Group Activities for International Students

    Welcome to the course "Conducting small group activities for international students" 2020-2021!

    First, choose the School according to the programme of the students you are tutoring in the academic year 2020-2021. If necessary, you can choose multiple groups. After choosing the School you'll see the page of the school in the left side of the page. In that page you'll find all school/programme specific information and material as well as instructions and a submission box for the report.

    AYY Tutor training is conducted online in 2020 because of the unusual circumstance. You can find the training materials under Tutor Training 2020. Please view all materials, remember to give feedback of the training and complete the reflection task, they are compulsory parts of the course.

    Please read carefully the page Commitment to international tutoring and compensations to be aware of practicalities as well as expectations for tutoring international students!

    Are you looking for the course JOIN-A0001 Pienryhmän ohjaus? Please see: