Topic outline

  • Formlabs Form 2 and 3 SLA 3D Printers at the Aalto Fablab

    In this module you will learn the basics of the available Formlabs SLA printers at the Aalto Fablab.

    You will learn the following:

    • Available Formlabs printers at the lab.
    • Chemical safety related to the resins used for printing.
    • Setting up and finishing your print.

    You are expected to complete the following steps:

    • Familiarize yourself with the available learning material of the module.
    • Complete the quiz of the module.
    • Complete a hands-on project at the lab.

    Contact workshop master when done.

    Learning Materials

    • quiz icon
      Quiz: 3D Printing (SLA)
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student