Topic outline

  • The exam consists of five questions, available for submission from 09:00 on September 3, 2020 (this page is available from 08:55). The exam time is 3 hours: submission ends at 12:15 (we allow for 15 minutes late submission as this is an online exam).

    Submit your solutions to each problem as soon as you get them ready. If needed, you can resubmit the solution (only the latest submission will be graded). You may use the material offered in the course, but the e-book of library is not available during the exam. You must do the exam alone. Asking help from anyone is not allowed.

    If you encounter technical problems send a message to the course Slack forums, the lecturers will monitor these during the exam. Please do not post any screenshots or question information in the public Slack channels. If there is a problem with Slack the teachers Lukas Ahrenberg and Nitin Sawhney can be reached by email (

    Below you can find the full exam as a PDF file for viewing, as well as submission links for each question. The exam text is reproduced in the question, but if anything is unclear due to the limited typesetting of the web page, please consult the PDF version. All questions allow for text field input and for you to upload a PDF of your answer. Again, please do not forget to submit your solution as soon as you have it ready for each problem.

    Good luck!