Topic outline

  • This course is lectured for the fifth time in summer 2020. The intro lecture will be held in Finnish, but all course documentation and instructions are in English. 

    The course consists of the mandatory online intro lecture (10.6.2020 16:00) (, coursebook, individual essay, a final exam, and a group assignment. The book, lectures and group assignment complement each other, and it is thus necessary to study the book also in order to succeed in the course. The lecture slides and other materials will be posted in the Lecture materials section and Other materials section as the course proceeds.

    Study Material: Slack, N.; Brandon-Jones, A.; Johnston, R. (2011): Essentials of Operations Management, Prentice Hall 

    Note: Lecture materials for this course are updated in the Resources (Aineistot) section, which can be accessed from the top right corner of the main page.