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      A3b In-class written task (20%). Completed in class on May 11. Workshop
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      In this written part of Assignment 3, you'll need to apply the knowledge that you have learned.

      The class will proceed as follows:

      1. You will write your own text, time 9.00-10.30. Submit your text as a pdf-file by 10.30.
      2. We will have a break 10.30-10.45. If you are finished with your own text earlier, you can start the break earlier and come back to class by 10.45.
      3. Christa will give feedback instructions, 10.45-11.00
      4. You will give feedback to two other students on their texts, 11.00-11.45. You will need to submit your feedback by 11.45.
      5. Christa will give A4 team presentation instructions, 11.45-12.00.

      You will get the instructions for the written task in class at 9.00 am on the day of the task. Please be on time for the session so that you have enough time for the task.

      Submit the written assignment here as a PDF-file.