Osion kuvaus

  • Financial Accounting Theories - will be organized as follows:

    The grades based on the exam on Monday, April 19, 2021 have been registered on May 3rd.

    -Note that there is a mandatory pre-assignment (the length is one A4) that has to be submitted in the second lecture week, by 21.1.2021 at noon (12:00). Failing to do so will make it impossible to gain the credits from this course.

    -Instructions for mandatory pre-assignment are available here: Instructions for the pre-assignment.pdf (aalto.fi)

    -Participation in lectures is voluntary, except in the term paper presentation session (on Thursday 18th February). At least one member of each team has participate in the presentation of the term paper and provide comments to another presentation. Instructions for the term paper presentation are available here: Term paper - preliminary instructions 12.1.2021.pdf (aalto.fi)

    -Students are responsible to form a group of three members: "term paper group". There is a discussion forum provided for that: This is a discussion forum where you can search for team members to your term paper group (three members in each term paper group) (aalto.fi)

    -Course grade consist of 50% term paper and 50% final exam. In addition, a minimum of 40% of points in the final exam is required for the credits of the course. 

    -Active participation to lectures and submission of voluntary assignments during the course will have an improving effect on the course grade.

    -The lectures will follow the course text book "Financial Accounting Theory", seventh edition by William R Scott.

    Earlier editions are useful in the preparation for the exam, however, the exam will be based on the seventh edition of the course text book, lecture materials and discussions, assignments during the course and term paper presentations and discussions.  

    -All the lectures and term paper presentations will be organized on-line via Zoom. Zoom-links are available below the lecture folders in the Materials - page.