Topic outline

  • Dear all,

    Welcome to the course People Management in Multinational Organizations!

    The course syllabus, teaching material and assignment instructions are now available on My Courses. Please note the readings and the task(s) for each session are to be completed before the session in question (specific deadlines are displayed in the Assignments- section).

    The classes take place in zoom, and you can join all of the zoom sessions via this link:


    Best regards,

    Ingmar (Inkku) Björkman

  • Please find below all of the assignments of this course, and submit the assignments here as well.

    We have 3 types of assignments:

    - Reflection papers for each session

    - Cases for three of the sessions

    - Final course paper at the end of the course

    Please note that the assignments are not in a chronological order unfortunately.

    Please also note that none of the above assignments are compulsory, you will just not get any points for those that you miss. However, in order to ensure the same rules for all students, the deadlines are non-negotiable and assignments cannot be compensated with a different one.