• Allmänt

    This year the lectures and exercise sessions will be organized remotely. Our class will meet through the Zoom online conference system. The zoom-links will appear on this page, and the lecture times can be seen on the right-hand side of this page (Upcoming events).

    Our success as an online class will depend on the same commitment we bring to the physical classroom. For everyone’s benefit, please join the course in a quiet place whenever possible. Turn on your video whenever possible. Mute your microphone unless you are speaking. Close browser tabs not required for participating in class.

    The requirements for passing the course:
    1. Weekly reading assignements: 20% of the grade
    2. Case assignment (group work): 20% of the grade
    3. Exercises: 20% of the grade
    4. Exam: 40% of the grade (main exam 19.10. at 9:00, retake 17.12. at 9:00)

    (50% of total required to pass)