• Schedule

    Welcome to the 42E00500 CEMS Business Communication Skills seminar workspace.

    Our seminar, including the final presentations to UPM, will be held online (Zoom).

    This is a 1 ECT course (27hrs): 12hrs contact teaching; 15hrs independent work

    Seminar format

    1. Pre-seminar preparation: readings and 2 assignments. Due midday, Tuesday, 29 September.
    2. Session 1: 12.15-16.30, Tuesday, 29 September
    3. Session 2: 12.15-16.30, Thursday, 1 October
    4. Session 3: 09.00 -12.00, Friday, 9 October Final presentations to UPM


    PRE-SEMINAR: Mandatory readings and 2 pre-seminar assignments (due midday, Tuesday, 29 September)

    1. Read Input 1: Strategic Contingency Model (SCM)
    2. Read Input 2: Reader-focused managerial writing
    3. Assignment 1: Analyse the Jackson’s DIY case and upload your analysis and strategy proposal to MyCourses by midday, Tuesday, 29 September.
    4. Assignment 2: Familiarise yourself with UPM (incl. code of conduct) and carry out a preliminary core stakeholder analysis. Upload your stakeholder analysis to MyCourses midday, Tuesday, 29 September.

    SESSION 1: 29.09 (12.15-16.30)

    • Course overview: objectives, assignments, schedule
    • Strategic Contingency Model
    • Jackson's communication strategy: presentations and discussion
    • Preparing and delivering Jackson’s case messages
    • Introduction to UPM case: division into groups

    Preparation for session 2

    1. Read Input 3: Communicating sensitive messages 
    2. Read Input 4: Preparing a recommendation presentation
    3. Read the UPM case an prepare your 10-minute recommendation presentation  (A2)
    4. If you have time, take a look at these articles on bad-news messaging: ‘The 10 Commandments for Delivering Bad News’, Bies (2012); ‘The Secret of Communicating Bad News to Employees’, Ackley (1992); How Great Leaders Deliver Bad News, Anderson (2015)

    SESSION 2: 1.10 (12.15-16.30)

    • Managerial writing: style and tone
    • Bad news messaging: writing and reviewing
    • Impromptu presentations: focus on content organisation
    • Preparing and delivering recommendation presentations

    Preparation for session 3

    1. Read input 5: Creating effective visuals
    2. Finalise your 10-minute UPM presentation
    3. Upload your slides to the Assignment 3 submission box by midnight, Thursday, 8 October.

    SESSION 3: 9.10 (09.00-12.00)

    • Recommendation presentations to UPM