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  • Saatavilla vasta, kun: Kuulut ryhmään (A01) Parametric Design (Oodi)

    The course Parametric Design is an intro into fundamental concepts of parametric design thinking in architecture and landscape architecture using Grasshopper, a plug- in to Rhinoceros. The course covers basics of geometry of curves & surfaces, NURBS-geometry and fundamentals of data-handling.

    Due to the covid-19 pandemic, all teaching within the course will be conducted remotely!

    introduction into the course (pdf)

    12.1.2021 Associative Geometry (tutorial/pdf_I/examples_I/exercise_I/reading_I)

    solution to exercise 1

    19.1.2021 Curves (tutorial/pdf_II/examples_II/exercise_II/reading_II)

    solution to exercise 2 and 3

    Assignment: Homework_1

    26.1.2021 Surfaces (tutorial/pdf_III/examples_III/exercise_III/reading_III)

    solution to exercise 4,5 and 6

    2.2.2021 Data Handling (tutorial/pdf_IV/examples_IV/exercise_IV)

    Assignment: Homework_2

    9.2.2021 Form-Finding (tutorial/pdf_V/examples_V/exercise_V/reading_IV)

    solution to exercise 8

    16.2.2021 Optimization (tutorial/pdf_VI/examples_VI/exercise_VI)

    Assignment: Design Exercise

    In preparation of the course you need to have the latest Rhino 6 version installed on your computer. A 90-day full version for evaluation is available at this link.


    Successful completion of the course requires submission of Homework_1, Homework_2 and the Design Exercise no later than 30 April 2021 at 23:00.


    The Grasshopper Primer (3rd edition)

    The Grasshopper Primer (2nd edition)

    Generative Algorithms

    Reading List on Digital in Architecture

    Carpo, Mario: The Digital in Architecture 1992-2012, Wiley, 2013

    Carpo, Mario: The Alphabet and the Algorithm, MIT Press, 2011

    Oxman, Rivka & Oxman, Robert: Theories of the Digital in Architecture, Routledge, 2014

    Picon, Antoine: Digital Culture in Architecture, Birkhäuser, 2010

    Helmut Pottman et.al.: Architectural Geometry, Bentley Institute Press, 2007