Topic outline

  • The course will be organized in a distance learning mode

    Most of the courses in the autumn and possibly the whole academic year 2020-21 are organised by using distance learning methods if the physical presence of the students and teachers is not necessary for obtaining the learning objectives. Since doctoral seminars are mainly based on reading, writing and discussing, we shall organise the course by using mainly zoom, possibly also other methods. Although most of us have probably already experienced what is called 'zoom fatigue', distance learning seems to have become the new normal, at least for a while. So let us make the most of it, using the opportunity to participate from long distances, also from outside Finland, saving the time and trouble from travelling, and also being able to invite visiting scholars wherever they are. Of the permanent teachers, professor Kimmo Lapintie will be participating from Korppoo, post-doctoral researcher Johanna Lilius from Vienna and Dr.Tech (arch.) Helena Teräväinen from Lapua. 

    The Department of Architecture Doctoral Seminar is a classical seminar; as you perhaps know, the word comes from Latin 'seminarium', that is ' breeding ground, plant nursery'. Thus, we shall be developing our thinking and arguments by presenting papers, responding to them and discussing the relevant issues related to student work. You should take the course at least once (if you started this or last year), but you can participate as many times as you like as you develop your dissertation or prepare publications. The enrolment closes in the end of August, but if you missed it, we can add you to the course also later.


    3.10.2020 Yizhou Zhao: Finnish Architecture in China

    17.11.2020 Hanna Hyvönen: Architectural Visualization. Discussant Jun Yang.

    8.12.2020 Jun Yang: Walkability. Discussant Hanna Hyvönen.

    12.1.2021 Najmeh Motalae: Public Art and space. Discussant Yizhou Zhao.

    16.2.2021 Exceptionally at 14:15, Joona Hulmi: Temporality in Architecture. Discussant Jarre Parkatti. 

    6.4.2021 Jarre Parkatti: The Concept of Urbanity. Discussant Joona Hulmi