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  • ARTS-A0120 - Contemporary Practice: Studio B, 11.01.2021-15.02.2021 will be arranged remotely. Follow MyCourses -page for schedules, and teaching-times. Follow also messages in Announcements  and in your -mail.

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      Studio B, the assignment to do individually, submission 8.2.
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      Due to the coronavirus situation, we will continue to explore 1. public art located outdoors and  2. art and artists online instead of visiting museums and galleries.  

      1. Visit at least 3 public artwork you'll find on attached list Public sculptures :  Take notes, photos, or sketch some. You'll use your notes later on assingnment Day 5. Mon 1.2 ( Painting: Still-life, Black and White / in Gray-scale Create a still-life based on one of the public artwork you have visited and sketches/notes/photos you made of it.) 

      2. Learn about the work of different artists through the museums' artist and art presentation videos. See links in the category: Links to artist and artwork presentations  , you can also browse the pages of other museums. Take a look at several introductions to find an artist who interests you, an artist whose work and artworks resonates with you or speak to you. After making a choice, take a deeper look at the artist by searching for images of works and information online, e.g. on the artist's own website.

      Make your own artwork, where you comment in some way on the work, artworks or thoughts of the artist of your choice from your point of view. You can choose technique and materials freely.  Write also a brief description of the artist, and describe your artwork and your point of view. Submit a photo of your artwork and the text here no later than 8.2.2021.