Topic outline

  • Why is entrepreneurship so important right now?

    With entrepreneurship, we in Aalto Ventures Program (AVP) mean taking ownership of your work and being innovative and brave in the face of new challenges. It is characterised by the ability and willingness to continuously search for opportunities to create social and economic value, and the courage to take actions to pursue these opportunities under uncertainty. Entrepreneurship has never been as important as it is now: during the time of complete unpredictability, that we are currently living in. We are living now in a VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world that became even more uncertain during the period of the pandemic. No one can predict for sure what the world will be like even in 6 months. 

    Meanwhile, the current world situation creates a new set of opportunities: new businesses emerge while more traditional ones have to redesign themselves to stay alive, the working culture is changing everywhere, and trends like urbanisation or globalisation are turning upside down. In turbulent world situations, entrepreneurial skills became as important as never.

    Entrepreneurial capabilities and an entrepreneurial mindset are beneficial and needed in all kinds of organisations. The aim of the course is not to push students to start their own business right away, but rather to equip them with an entrepreneurial mindset they could use in any life situation.

    In such a short time we hope to spark your interest in entrepreneurship and provide you with an overview of what entrepreneurship is about and how you can benefit from it despite the place you plan to work in.

    Thus, the intended learning outcomes:

    ·        Understand the basics of entrepreneurship mindset and entrepreneurial skills;

    ·        Be able to explain why engineers need entrepreneurship.

    The teacher carrying out the practical teaching in this module is Lidia Borisova from the Aalto Ventures Program. The intended learning outcomes of this module are:

    To complete this module, the students need to:

    1. Participate in two sessions 22.03 and 29.03 (or check 2 videos from the sessions with guest speakers presentation and pass the quizzes. If you miss only one session, so you pass the quiz accordingly. Session #1 on 22.03 - quiz #1; session #2 on 29.03 - quiz #2);
    2. Check the materials (pre-reading package and materials for session #2) before each session;
    3. Finnish the assignment after the module.

     If you can not attend the sessions you have to complete an additional assignments. If you missed session #1 on 22.03 you have to complete this quiz. For those who will miss session #2 on 29.03 instructions will be given later after 22.03.