Topic outline

  • This page contains the most important links to the different platforms which we use in this course. In autumn 2020, this course is taught entirely remotely. Therefore, the communication platforms play a particularly important role. Their different roles are explained below. 

    • We look forward to forming a crypto course community and invite you to be an active member of it by joining our office hours and exercise sessions on Zoom and/or discussing with us on Zulip . Zulip is an Open Source Version of Slack. Zulip has better LaTeX support than Slack which is why we use Zulip. Join the course's Zulip streams by clicking the invitation link under 'Materials'. If you have problems accessing the course's Zulip, please contact one of teaching assistants via eMail. We will post the times when teaching assistants will be online beforehand (on Zulip). During that time, the teaching assistants will answer questions which have been asked before. In addition, during those times, you can have a private chat with teaching assistants. Note that we do not use the MyCourses Forum in this course.
    • Lectures are pre-recorded and we encourage to watch them at 12:00 every Monday. You can find a link to the lecture video in the Materials section of the MyCourses page. Chris (the lecturer) will be available to answer questions on Zulip in parallel to the lecture, i.e., from 12-13:30 every Monday. At 13:30, we launch a Zoom call for after-the-lecture-questions - you can join also just to listen :-) The Zoom link will be posted on Zulip. The lectures will remain online, and you can watch and re-watch them later. 
    • We have three Zoom exercise sessions every week, you can join one or all of them to ask questions and discuss with other course participants. The Zoom link will be posted on Zulip.
    • Exercise Sheets are posted here on MyCourses in Assignments. You can return your solutions also here on MyCourses, and the teaching assistants will post the feedback here on MyCourses. Return deadline for the solutions to the exercise sheets is every Tuesday at 17:00. First deadline is Tuesday, 15 September, 5:00 PM. Submitting late is always possible. Feedback will be given also on late submissions, points are only given on submissions handed in before the deadline.
    • The course is pass/fail, no grades (no exception possible), no exam. Passing criteria are sufficiently many participation points: At least 10 points in the first half, and at least 10 points in the second half, and at least 30 points overall. There are 10 exercise sheets, each of which yields at most 4 points. We recommend watching the lectures before 13:30 on Mondays. Answering all the quizzes embedded in the lecture video (and answering at least 1 question correctly) yields 1 bonus point if answers are submitted before noon on Wednesday.