Topic outline

  • The exam will appear here when the exam begins.

    About the exam

    The exam is an open book exam, thus all course material and computational tools can be used. Downloading the lecture slides prior the exam is recommended to reduce load on the web server.

    The exam consists of 9 questions in total worth 70 points:

    • one essay style question that will give maximum of 30 points
    • 8 multiple choice questions each giving maximum of 5 points, in total maximum of 40 points

    For the final grade of the course the maximum of the following two cases is taken into account:

    • total points = exam points + exercise points + one point from answering the course feedback questionnaire
    • total points = exam points / 0.7, rounded up to the nearest integer  + one point from answering the course feedback questionnaire

    Grades will be published by 23.3.2021

    Answering the multiple choice questions

    The questions are randomized by question categories so that every student will receive a randomly chosen question of the category. The randomly chosen question variants are equivalent in their difficulty.

    You have one attempt of the quiz. The correct answer will not be shown.

    It is not allowed to make the exam in groups, everyone should complete their exam independently. Sharing solutions between students is prohibited.

    Answering the essay question

    Please note that directly copying text from a source without citation constitutes plagiarism which is forbidden.  Write in your own words, not cut-and-paste from any source.

    Hint: do not simulteneously read a source and write the answer. Read sources first and then write in your own words without looking at the sources. This way your text will be less likely to be a copy of the source text.

    The essays will be checked against plagiarism, both between students in the exam and internet sources. 

    The essay is implemented as a Turnitin Assignment. By clicking the assignment you will be shown the submission inbox for your assignment, where you will see the essay topic in the description. The essay can be submitted there by selecting "submit a paper". The essay can be written either by using a external text editor or directly to the available text box. You need to accept to the Turnitin agreement to submit the essay.

    When using an external text editor, one of the templates provided below (.tex,.docx,.odt) should be used. There is a length limit of one page for the essays written by external editor. Any part exceeeding the page limit will not be graded. Do not change the font size, paragraph spacing or margins of the template. For the text box submissions, note that there is a hard limit of 3700 characters (with spaces) that you should keep track of yourself; the text box will not show the character count. Any text exceeding this limit will not be graded.

    • Exam 23.2.2021, 17.00-20.00