Osion kuvaus

  • In the final project, you will read a scientific article and utilize the new tools learned during the course to show what happens between the lines.

    The project is graded as failed, pass, or pass with distinction. If you obtain a pass with a distinction grade from the project, you’ll get one higher course grade than you would get otherwise (obviously assuming you would not be getting a 5 already). To pass the course, one has to get at least 60% of the exercise points as well as a pass from the project.

    Learning outcomes

    After finishing the course project, you

    1. have improved your skills in reading scientific text,
    2. have experience in recognizing the most important parts of a scientific article,
    3. have seen how to apply the tools and techniques learned during the course on a real-life research problem,
    4. have gained more self-confidence for working on network mathematics and reading articles about it, and
    5. can write an alone-standing, well-structured report on a scientific article.