Topic outline

  • The Interaction Design (IxD) Course takes place between 27.10-13.11.2020. Sessions are scheduled Tuesday to Friday between 9.15 and 12.00. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation, this course will take place online. Our first online session will be on Tuesday 27.10 between 9.15-12.00 via Zoom.

    Each session of this course consists of pre-recorded lectures, flipped classroom discussions, and in-class exercises. All students (3-5 ECTS) must participate in the aforementioned sessions. In addition, 5 ECTS students will work on an additional exercise at the end of the second week (if the Coronavirus situation allows it). 

    To avoid being in front of our computers for almost three hours straight (i.e., Zoom fatigue), from the second session onwards you will prepare by following a pre-recorded lecture and reading a book chapter. Pairs of students will lead flipped classroom discussions by reading and reflecting on a book chapter with the rest of the class. I will provide more info on how this will work during our first meeting on Tuesday 27.10.

    The book is Interaction Design by Sharp et al. (2019). Several copies of this book are available at the University library (look for earlier editions). Please note the order of authors and chapter numbers vary depending on the book's edition (e.g., Preece et al. 2015, Rogers et al. 2011; Sharp et al. 2007; Preece et al. 2002). I will include a couple IxD book chapters in PDF under materials for convenience.

    • Sharp, H., Preece, J., & Rogers, Y. (2019). Interaction design: beyond human-computer interaction. John Wiley & Sons.

    You will find the slides for each session in the corresponding folder. 

    Task: for our first session on Tuesday 27.10, please read chapter 1 of the Interaction Design book by Sharp et al. (2019).


    Andrés Lucero.