Topic outline

  • This time Alive Dead Media will be all about creative programming and home computers. You'll learn how old computers handled text and graphics, how ingenious demo and game programmers circumvented the limitations, and most importantly: you'll make classical visual effects, such as colorbars, tunnels, starfields, scrollers and more yourself. The lectures will be from 10:15 to 16:00 each day with a lunch break around noon.

    • Mon 10.5.
      • Morning: kickoff, arrangements, introduction to consumer computer graphics
      • Afternoon: the anatomy of a crack intro
    • Tue 11.5.
      • Morning: textmode experiments
      • Afernoon: visual effects
    • Wed 12.5.
      • Morning:  more visual effects
      • Afternoon: Sinclair ZX Spectrum graphics with Tero Heikkinen
    • Thu 13.5. Public holiday i.e. no session
    • Fri 14.5.
      • Morning: bitplanes and palettes
      • Afternoon: once more effects, wrapping up

    Due to the corona situation the course will be given online using Zoom. As this is a programming course, you're expected to know at least the basics of Processing and have it installed on your computer. If you have taken our Introduction to Creative Coding or an earlier Software Studies course you should be set.