Topic outline

  • You are entitled to an educational license for Autodesk Fusion 360. This page explains the process. You can use the computers in Aalto or your own laptop, but in both cases you will have to sign up for the education program.

    1. Go here
    2. Find Fusion 360 from the list and click "Get Started"
    3. Create a new Autodesk account with your Aalto email
    4. Once you have registered, start again from the link in the first step
    5. It will says something like "We still need to confirm your eligibility for educational access to Autodesk products."
    6. Click "Get Started"
    7. Fill out your information
    8. It will ask you to submit one of these:
      1. Transcript
      2. School-issued confirmation letter
      3. A copy of your student ID (photo ID not required)
    Please note that Autodesk offers lots of other software also for you to use for free.