Topic outline

  • Guidelines

    You are expected to create an enclosure for the electronic parts that you got during the course. The electronic parts can be used to create a MIDI controller, custom USB keyboard, custom USB mouse, custom video game controller, or many other things.

    Design your own controller enclosure and use any of the workshops to fabricate it (probably mainly the laser cutter and the 3d printers, but feel free to use anything else that you have been able to get access to).

    You can follow the series of video tutorials that Matti is making to create just the basic version. Or customize it to your heart's content.


    See below what I'm expecting from you. Seriously, read it, all the information is there.

    Deliverable 1: Fusion 360 Design Files and resources

    • Create a folder called Final Project inside your project folder in Fusion 360. Check Matti's folder for an example if you are confused.
    • Add any sketches (pictures, drawings on paper, references) to this folder also. Especially if you want to get some feedback on them before you start working.
    • Move the Perma-Proto and Teensy 3.2 parts to this folder also to keep everything in one place.
    • Save all your design files of your final project into this folder.

    Deliverable 2: The actual controller

    • Your controller should be ready latest on Monday 14.12. so that you still have the time to submit the work to the Demo Day website. Demo Day is on December 16th.

    Deliverable 3: Documentation


    • Your controller should be ready latest on December 14th so that it still has time to be submitted to the Demo Day page. The final documentation can be submitted until Friday, December 18th.


    What is a MIDI controller?

    It's a device with knobs, slider and/or buttons that can be used to control all kinds of software (mainly audio production and performance software, VJ software etc.)