Topic outline

    • This is a shared final project assignment submission for both courses (Audiovisual Studio and Embodied Interaction).

      Please create a short video documenting your final project and submit it here. You can either upload the video here or provide a link to YouTue, Vimeo, or some other service. Or even a link on your personal website/portfolio, if you wish to do a small write-up of the project also. The video is enough for me for this course though. Not necessary to create a write-up. But the video can include explanation text also, if you feel like it requires it. Don't think of this documentation as something that is for me, but for the entire world to know about your project.

      For the streamed performances, you can either provide the entire thing or an edited version. Or even two videos (one just the performance and one making-of/behind-the-scenes). There are no length guidelines etc. Do it in a way that best shows your project.

      You can download the streamed videos from here:

      I would love to also show these to future students, so please also add one of the options to the text box:

      A) I give permission to embed my video documentation to the course website at

      B) I would rather keep my video private. Please do not add it to the course website.