Topic outline

  • General

    Time to learn the basics of Virtual Reality! At least this fall the course will be given online by Markku Reunanen and Tapio Takala due to the coronavirus situation – check your email for the Zoom link before the 1st session. The lectures will be on Thursdays at 13:15–15. Here's the schedule:

    • Sep 10: Kickoff, basic terminology and concepts, history of VR (Markku)
    • Sep 17: Display devices and human vision (Tassu)
    • Sep 24: Tracking methods (Markku)
    • Oct 1: Interaction in VR (Tassu)
    • Oct 8: Augmented Reality – guest lecture by Otto Korkalo / VTT
    • Oct 15: Simulator sickness, wrapping up, instructions for the exam (Markku)

    More details on the lectures, materials and so on to follow shortly. If you were looking for DOM-E5025 – 3D User Interface Design, this course replaces that.