Topic outline

  • General

    The C programming course starts with a kick-off session on Friday, January 15th at 12:15. This will be online session in Teams' General channel. The session will be recorded. The course exercises and other contact activities will likewise happen in Teams, on course-specific area. There will also be an information session about programming project and programming test on Friday, March 26th at 12:15, on Teams' General channel.

    More information about the course arrangements can be found in course syllabus. The official course language is English, and therefore all information in MyCourses are in English. However, the course material and assignments are also available in Finnish. In exercises you can get help in both English and Finnish.

    Course materials and exercises will be available in the TIM system. Materials are available in English and Finnish. Important: Use Haka login and your Aalto account when logging in to TIM.

    Please join the course Teams area for discussion about the course. If you cannot use the mentioned link, please contact course personnel using email address below.

    Course personnel can be contacted by email at elec-a7100@aalto.fiDo not use email for questions on course exercises or the environment setup, but use either Teams of exercise sessions for that. Also, we'd like to request that you do not use direct personal emails in course matters, but the above address that goes to all people in course personnel.