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      Link to our Microsoft Teams group, where the lectures and exercise sessions will be held during the corona virus epidemic.

    • Lectures and exercise sessions will be held in Microsoft Teams environment during the corona virus epidemic.

      Welcome to the home page of ELEC-C5230 Basics of Digital Signal Processing!

      The course will be arranged during the periods IV and V. All essential information associated with the course will be available on these MyCourses pages. It is advisable to turn on email notifications in order to receive the latest updates and possible schedule changes in real time. 

      Course staff

      Contact the course staff by email to (instead of the personal email addresses).


      • Tuomas Aittomäki (

      Course assistant:

      • Eeli Susan (
      • Elias Raninen (


      Mondays at 12.15-14.00. The first lecture will be held on Monday 1.3. at 12.15-14.00. Lectures will be held in Microsoft Teams environment during the corona virus epidemic. See the schedule under the section "Materials". 


      The course can be passed by two different methods: 

      1. The primary, recommended method is solving and returning personalized homework assignments and participating in a light check-up exam on Wednesday 26.5. CHECK-UP EXAM CANCELLED. The assignments are due in four separate parts on evenly spread dates over the course period. Your personal set of assignments is available under the section "personal assignments", listed according to student numbers. If you do not find your PDF-file at the latest on Tuesday 2.3., please contact

      2. If absolutely necessary and you have a good reason, the course could also be completed with an individual project work (to be returned by Monday 31.5.) and passing a regular written exam. However, this is not the preferable way. You must contact by Monday 15.3.2021 if you intend to earn the credits in this way before the next course in 2022.

      Exercise groups

      There are two sessions each week, on Tue 14-16 and Fri 14-16. See timetable and content in section "Assignments". All the exercises are included in the personal set of exercises, including those for which the assistants show example solutions. Therefore, participation in the sessions is highly recommended, but not compulsory.