• This course has finished. The teachers want to thank all students for putting their effort into passing this course!

    Welcome to this course! This course is ongoing! (The first session was on March 22, 2021.)

    All teaching will be done remotely, i.e. lectures and homework support are provided during the regular lecture times (Mon&Thu) through the "Default Zoom session for all teaching events!" (see activity right below this text section). And return your homework assignments by posting them in the "Return box for all homeworks!" (the Q&A forum also found below).

    After learning the basics of microwave engineering, you can now apply your knowledge and start designing real microwave components and radio systems.

    Radio systems consist of passive and active components (such as filters, couplers, resonators, microstrip-lines, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators etc.) which need to be combined properly (remember especially the topic impedance matching) and evaluated for their performance (losses, non-linear effects, noise). In this course you discuss and practise the design of passive and active components. You will carry out computer-aided component design assignments using AWR Design Enviroment software, which facilitate the design of a small radio system that is part of your final project. The AWR software is available in the PC classes in Maarintie 8 (rooms "1174 TU4" and "1621 AS5") and in Maarintalo (room "219") - which are currently (spring 2021) accessible only through https://mfavdi.aalto.fi/*. Alternatively, students can download and install AWR to their own PC, along with a 180-day student license, from https://awrcorp.com/register/customer.aspx?univ (please mention prof. V. Viikari in the form). (*To access the workstations in the above mentioned PC classes please follow the instructions by the university found at https://www.aalto.fi/en/services/remote-access-to-windows-classroom-computers.)

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      This file incudes the grading criteria and a checklist for preparing your problem answers, please read!

      Homework-return and assessment happens through the general homework-return box in MyCourses.

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      Lecture slides for the first contact-session on March 22, 2021.

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