Topic outline

  • Lectures and exercises will be on-line only, at least at the beginning.  The Zoom link is in "For Aalto users" Section

    Implement and learn signal processing  algorithms needed in wireless communications (digital filters, multirate filters, adaptive filters,  time, frequency, phase synchronization, detection and estimation) using  RTL-SDR USB dongle ,and USB to VGA adapters as a transmitter ,  and Matlab. Transmitter and receiver are given to the participants during the course, and they must be returned back after the course. In addition, own computer is needed. In the end, course participants will know the basics on the operation of wireless communications links.

     Experience on Matlab programming, or programming experience in general, is essential/mandatory.

    Contents of the course in 2019. In 2020, the contents will be similar, although no the same

    The list of the lectures in 2019.
    1. Introduction
    2. Spectrum estimation
    3. .Basics of FIR filtering, down-sampling, and FM transmission
    4. Multistage decimation, window-based design of FIR filters, envelope detection
    5. Phase-locked loops
    6. Maximum likelihood (ML) estimation and practical algorithms for estimating carrier frequency offset
    7. .Basics of communications systems, matched filter, cascaded integrator comb filter for decimation, on-off keying
    8. Up-sampling and pulse shaping, polyphase filter structure, differential modulation
    9. Symbol timing estimation, maximum likelihood timing error detection (TED)
    10. More on symbol timing estimation, Farrow filter and approximate ML TEDs
    11. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM)

    The list of Matlab exercises in 2019
    1. Frequecy synchronization using a FM radio signal received over TPC
    2. Spectrum estimation using a FM radio signal received over TPC
    3. FM receiver 1, discriminator, using a signal from RTL-SDR plugged in the computer
    4. FM receiver 2 , differentiator and envelope detection, using a signal from RTL-SDR
    5. FM receiver 3 , phase-locked loop using a signal from RTL-SDR
    6. Frequency synchronization (estimation of  carrier frequency offset) using FM radio signal
    7. On-off keying using VGA dongle as the transmitter and RTL-SDR
    8. Differential phase-shift keying, and  sampling time estimation using oversampling, VGA dongle and RTL-SDR
    9. Binary phase-shift keying and sampling time estimation using matched filter and derivative matched filter, VGA dongle and RTL-SDR
    10. Binary phase-shit keying and sampling time estimation using early-late detector and Farrow filter, VGA dongle and RTL-SDR
    11. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing,  This is optional exercise that can be used to improve the total grade of the Matlab exercises

    Course staff:

    Risto Wichman,

    TA Mikko Laakso,