Topic outline

  • The topic of the Acoustics and Audio Technology Seminar changes every year. In spring 2021, the topic is "Musical Acoustics: Sound Synthesis and Modeling". The seminar is arranged by Prof. Vesa Välimäki in collaboration with Ms. Henna Tahvanainen and Prof. Sebastian J. Schlecht. Other teachers will include Dr. Maximilian Schäfer (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany), Alec Wright (Aalto University), Eero-Pekka Damskägg (NeuralDSP, Helsinki), and Dr. Julian Parker (Native Instruments, Berlin, Germany). The AAT seminar can be completed more than once, since the topic is variable.

    The AAT seminar is targeted to Master's and doctoral students. The goal is that each student will be involved in a specific topic so that she/he will have competence to work independently on the selected problem area. Additionally, seminar participants will acquire skills in scientific writing and presentation. Matlab will be used on this course.

    • Not available unless: You belong to any group