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    The Virtual Acoustics course will be run in remote mode. The lectures will be in Zoom and they are on Wednesdays at 15-18. Each lecture will be 2 x 45mins. In addition, there will be a Matlab demo session 45mins to explain a new task for the home assignment and/or explanation of the correct solutions for the previous week's assignment.

    The main teachers will be prof. Tapio Lokki and prof. Sebastian J. Schlecht. In addition, MSc Chris Hold and MSc Nils Meyer-Kahlen will be teaching assistants, in particular for the home assignments.

    Course communication is done via Slack. Please sign in and join #virtual-acoustics

    Virtual Acoustics 2021, schedule (version 17.12.2020)
    Date Topic Lecturer Assignment 
    13.01.2021 Introduction, practicalities, convolution, auralization (off-line + real-time) Tapio
    Assignment Session:  introduction of the rendering pipeline and the weekly assignments Sebastian / Nils
    20.01.2021 Head-Related Transfer Functions + binaural rendering Tapio  Due A1
    Assignment Session: Explanation of A1 + introduction of A2 Sebastian / Nils
    27.01.2021 Vector Base Amplitude Panning  Ville Pulkki
      Q&A Session  S/N/C  
    03.02.2021 Ambisonics - Mathematical basis, Encoding, Decoder Chris Hold Due A2
    Assignment Session: Explanation of A2 + introduction of A3 Sebastian / Chris
    10.02.2021 Measurement-based spatial reverberation - capturing, SIRR and SDM Nils
       Q&A Session  S/N/C  
    17.02.2021 Room Acoustics - Ray-based modeling  Lauri Savioja Due A3
    Assignment Session: Explanation of A3 + introduction of A4 Sebastian / Nils
    03.03.2021 Room Acoustics - Wave-based modeling  Lauri Savioja
       Q&A Session  S/N/C  
    10.03.2021 Artificial reverberation - overview and DSP structures Vesa Välimäki Due A4
    Assignment Session: Explanation of A4 + introduction of A5 Sebastian / Nils
    17.03.2021 Artificial reverberation - Feedback Delay Networks Sebastian
       Q&A Session  S/N/C  
    24.03.2021 Directional Audio Coding Ville Pulkki Due A5
    Assignment Session: Explanation of A5 + introduction of A6 Sebastian / Chris
    31.03.2021 Augmented Reality Audio Tapio
       Q&A Session  S/N/C  
    07.04.2021 Students presentation of their A6 solutions Sebastian Due A6