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    Presentation on course arrangements :here

    Responsible teachers and lecturers: Roope Vehkalahti & Olav Tirkkonen

    Contact person:  Roope Vehkalahti (

    Tutorials: Dr Jialing Liao and Mr Mohsen Amidzade

    Homework: Mr Mohsen Amidzade

    Credits: 5 ECTS

    Teaching Periods: I-II (autumn)

    F2F Teaching: from September 8 to December 3;  2 sessions per week

    • Lecture Tue 12-14
    • Tutorial exercises Wed 12-14. Course assistant teaches students in solving weekly exercises. In this context, course assistant helps students with different backgrounds to equalize background knowledge. Some will be based on matlab, and arranged in computer class.
    •  Both the lectures and tutorial session will be kept remotely.
    • The ZOOM link for the lectures can be found from the Lectures  and the ZOOM link for the tutorials will be found from the Tutorials. The Zoom will be hosted during the announced tutorial and lecture times.

    Workload: 24 + 24 (2 + 2)

    • Lectures/F2F: 24 h
    • Tutorials/F2F: 24 h
    • Self-study: 85 h
    • Exam: 3 h

    Learning objectives: After the course the student

    • Understands the functionalities of the physical layer in a modern communication system in multipath fading channels
    • Understands principles of multiantenna and multiuser communication
    • Understand principles of link adaptation
    • Can operate a link simulator

    Content: Characteristics of wireless channels, path loss, fading, multipath propagation. Statistical models of wireless channels. Equalization. Performance analysis in fading channels. The role of channel state information. Channel capacity. Adaptive modulation and coding. Diversity. Multiantenna and space-time communication. Multiuser communication.

    Course fulfilment and grading: Exam, homework and participation in tutorial exercises contribute towards the grade.

    Teaching material:

    • Slides & tutorial solutions distributed in MyCourses.
    • Textbook A. Goldsmith: "Wireless Communication", available as e-copy at Click "Show all details". Then "Show full text or availability in other libraries". Then click the first "Go" link, immediately after " Full text available via Knovel Electronics & Semiconductors Academic". Aalto account needed.

    Required background:

    • Working knowledge of digital communication in AWGN, e.g., ELEC-C7230.
    • Working knowledge of matlab
    • Working knowledge of basic linear algebra 

    Language of instruction: English.