Topic outline

  • Instructions

    Your task is to write a report which is then used to replace to traditional exam in the course. The report is evaluated based on how well and correctly you can explain and describe the MRI related phenomena, concepts and methods, which have been covered in this course. In the following are the instructions for your learning report.

    Your learning report should cover the textbook chapters 1-4 and 7-10, which were also included in the lectures. The titles of the chapters are in the report template along with a few chapter specific questions. The questions are of essay type such as “Explain the principle of …”. In your learning report, give answers to these questions. Use your own words and write with complete sentences. Make your explanations complete but be concise. Do not copy text from the book or online resources (we know all of them) but write in your own words. The information content is what matters. Please, use equations and diagrams to clarify your answers. There is no minimum or maximum number of pages but keeping it in less than ~10 pages is recommended.

    The maximum amount of points for the learning report is 25 (plus 1 extra point for the feedback). This is the same amount of points as would have been in the exam. The points for each textbook chapter are marked in the report template. The last question about course feedback is worth one extra point. By having completed the course exercises, you can get up to 4 extra points. The overall grading is explained in MyCourses section “Grading”.

    We might also later ask a few of the students to explain their reports to us in teleconference calls in order to double check that the report has been written by the student.