Topic outline

  • Schedules

    Enter all NEPPI Zoom sessions with the following details:

    Zoom Meeting ID: 647 3410 8462
    Passcode:  neppi20

    Lectures & Co-design: All co-present (organised in Zoom):

    Lectures: On Mondays 26.10.-30.11 at 09:15-12 
    Co-design workshops: On Wednesdays 28.10., 4.11. and 18.11. at 14-16

    Skills Sessions: One is required, others optional (organised in Zoom):

    Skills sessions: Web Apps, Wednesdays 28.10.-11.11. at 10-12
    Skills sessions: Connected Things, Wednesdays 28.10.-11.11. at 16-18
    Skills sessions: Persuasion and Reflection, Mondays 2.-30.11. at 11:15-12

    Team tutoring: Full team participates (organised in Zoom):

    30 minutes / team, on Fridays one slot between 09:15-16:00

    Student teams

    This project-based course is organised with students teams with ideally 6 participants. A team needs to participate in all the different skills sessions, e.g. 2 in Web Apps, 2 in Connected Things, and 2 in persuasion and reflection. 

    A questionnaire about each students study programme and specialisations will be launched during the exam week.