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    The topic for the seminar presentation is "Building Blocks for Analog Computing memory circuits"

    Given below are the topics for the individual seminar presentation:

    1. ADC / DAC implementation - 19.05.2021, 12:15 - Dipesh Monga

    2. Analog Activation Circuits (For ex. ReLU)- 26.05.2021, 12:15 - Omar Numan

    3.  Capacitive and resistive based Vector Matrix Multiplier- 02.06.2021, 12:15 -Waqas Siddiqui

    4. Capacitive Memory storage based computing circuits- 02.06.2021, 13:15 -  Kazybek Adam

    How to do this course:

    1. Based on the topic, 5 latest papers are supposed to be selected for preparing the seminar.
    2. Each participant has to present a 45-minute presentation which will be delivered using a zoom session.
    3. At At the end of each seminar, the presenter will assign homework for the others based on the seminar. The assignment should be submitted to the presenter's email. Deadlines to submit the assignment can be checked in the Assignments section.

    **These topics are assigned on a first come first serve basis. To select your topic you need to comment/reply on your name and title of the topic on the post entitled "TOPIC SELECTION" in general discussion.

    ***Suggested conferences/journals: papers and tutorials from ISSCC-2020/2021, JSSC, TCAS etc.