Topic outline

  • Our teaching events will be

    Fri     11.9.   9:15 - 13:00 Kick off, online Zoom lecture
    Wed  21.10. 9:15 - 13:00 Midterm check, online Zoom lecture
    Fri     11.12. 9:15 - 11:30 Final seminar, online Zoom lecture

    Please, use this link to join online Zoom lecture.

    Basic structure of the course:

    A brief summary of the course content

    The course is implemented in cooperation with Finnish working life and based on real life projects provided by companies and other organizations. Projects are conducted by students in self-organizing groups with support of instructors and facilitator both from the university and partner organizations. Each project aims to produce concrete and applicable results. Special emphasis on learning is

    • Applying geoinformatics for a real-life project
    • Basics of project management
    • Self-directive team work
    • Client-centred working mode
    • Reflection, evaluation and support of own learning

    The goal of the course is to increase students’ knowledge and expertise on geoinformatics,
    capability and skills for client-centered project work, as well as capacity for self-direction and learning

    Course grading

    Scored 0-5 by the following elements:

    • Project outcome / 50%
    • Working process / 25%
    • Individual learning diary / 25%