Topic outline

  • Friday's from 8.30-11.45  via Zoom unless otherwise instructed. 

    Workload:         3 ETCS/81h  (28h contact + 53h independent work)
    Requirements:  Preparatory assignments 1-6 and Online modules 1-3
                               Exam, Final
     report, Presentation.
                               80% attendance in class.

    Teacher: Laura Humphries ( Consultation by appointment only.

    During this course, you will write a brief recommendation report, and plan and deliver an oral presentation on the topic of your report.  You'll learn to apply the principles of successful communication and strategies that enhance readability of texts as well as effectiveness of an oral presentation.  In addition, you will give and receive constructive feedback and revise your work accordingly.

    The independent work leading to the final version of the recommendation report and the oral presentation consists of three online modules on principles of readability and seven preparatory assignments. You will have weekly homework to do for each of the sessions. Throughout the course, you will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, developing your text and your presentation as well as consolidating your ability to use English in interactive situations.

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