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  • Welcome to LC-1114 Communicating technology

    Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on teaching on campus, this course is offered fully online, with contact sessions in Zoom.  The Zoom meetings will take place at the times scheduled for this course (see below), and some of them may be replaced by independent work during the time reserved for the lecture.

    Time and place  20.4.-1.6.2021                           
                                Tue 9.00-12.15ZOOM
    (check the course schedule for details as attendance is not always required)

    3 ETCS/81h
    Requirements    Preparatory assignments 1-7 and Online modules 1-4
                                Exam, Final report, Presentation.
                                80% attendance

    Teacher: Nanna Qvist ( Consultation by appointment only.

    During this course, you will write a brief recommendation report, and plan and deliver an oral presentation on the topic of your report.  You'll learn to apply the principles of successful communication and strategies that enhance readability of texts as well as the effectiveness of an oral presentation.  In addition, you will give and receive constructive feedback and revise your work accordingly.

    The work leading to the final version of the recommendation report and the oral presentation includes four online modules on principles of readability in addition to seven preparatory assignments. Throughout the course, you will work individually, in pairs and in small groups, developing your text and your presentation as well as consolidating your ability to use English in interactive situations.

    The instructions and materials for each weekly session are available in their specific MC sections (e.g. WEEK 1, WEEK 2),  and the instructions for assignments 1-7 as well as the final presentation and report are available in section Assignments.

    This one-period version of Communicating technology is a very intensive version of the course. So - to make it fun, feasible and useful for yourself -  it is essential that you make a good effort from the very beginning to commit yourself to regular course work, completing the assignment on schedule and participating actively in the shared sessions in Zoom.

    A more detailed schedule available below at Course schedule

    See also the description, learning outcomes and grading criteria in Syllabus.

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