Topic outline

  • Integrated Oral and Written Skills

                                                           (Hong Zhang [jennyzhh2008] Creative commons)

    Welcome to LC-1117: integrated Oral and Written skills.

    This course is integrated with ARTX-C1011 - Process Management for Media and Design and will run on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:15 to 12:00 in period II. The sessions will be held via Zoom.

    Using some of the assignments in ARTX-C1011, you will learn to improve your written and spoken skills in English. We will examine topics such as how to create persuasive texts in English (the use of rhetorical patterns, maintaining logical flow and cohesion, choosing the correct style, targeting your audience) and how to give effective presentations: delivery, structure, audience expectations, speaking on camera (as you will be doing this online in period II, unfortunately). You will then apply this knowledge to a text in ARTX-C1011 (an executive summary) and your final course presentations.

    Learning outcomes

    By the end of the course you will be able to

    •Write genre-specific texts (academic and professional)
    •Apply rhetorical patterns to texts and oral presentations
    •Create cohesive, reader-friendly texts that follow a logical pattern
    •Proofread texts for typical grammatical and punctuation errors.
    •Use sources appropriately and avoid plagiarism
    •Present persuasively and effectively in English.

    Executive summary          40%
    Final presentation            30%
    Course tasks and quizzes 30%

    Grade % of total points

    5. 90 –100%

    4. 80 –89%

    3. 70 –79%

    2. 60 –69%

    1. 50 –59%

    0. less than 50

    Course schedule
    You can see the course schedule by clicking here. Note, on two occassions we will meet during the ARTX-C1011 course. That is why the schedule shows that we will meet on a Tuesday or a Thursday for those days.