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  • Welcome to LC-1117, English written and oral skills integrated with ENY-C2005

    THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT REMOTELY, WITH WEEKLY MEETINGS ONLINE IN ZOOM. Please make sure you have a working camera available throughout the course (link to the Zoom sessions available below).

    NB! LC-1117/Group H09 is ONLY available to students also taking ENY-C2005 Geoinformation in Environmental Modelling at the same time.

    This English module LC-1117/H09 grants you the 3 ECTS (o+w), fulfilling the university foreign language requirement in English. The English module content and exercises are directly tied to the ENY-C2005 course contents and schedule.

    LC-1117/H09 and ENY-C2005 are taught in parallel, but please notice that for the English course, participants are required to attend 80% of the contact sessions and the English module will extend over periods 3 and 4, 2020.

    LC-1117 introduces written and oral communication principles and strategies that are applicable to professional and academic purposes.  Throughout the course, you will work individually and/or in small groups to develop your presentation and writing skills. You'll also give and receive constructive feedback and revise your work accordingly.

    Time and place
       Wednesdays 12.30-15.45, Zoom  (Check the Course schedule: times, topics, homework, deadlines below for  details)                         
                    Nanna Qvist, Aalto University Language Centre
    Workload             Small group instruction 26h + independent work 55h (3ETCS)
    Learning goals    Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to
                                   -  recognise the strategies and elements that enhance clarity and audience-friendliness
                                      in both oral and written communication,
                                   -  apply these strategies and elements in oral presentations and writing related to their
                                      field of study.
                                   -  distinguish between formal and informal styles of communication.

    In addition to following the LC-1117/H09 syllabus, students taking the English module will...
     -    form GEM groups and pairs with others who also take the English module
    -     write the reports related to the shared assignments in English
    -     carry out the laser scanning study group discussion, GW-2, in English, during the English class meeting
    -     write one additional text individually in connection with GW-3, as one the English assignments.
    -     submit the two shared assignments to BOTH courses, LC-1117 and ENY-C2005 (GEM) .

    Grading 0-5
            -  Preparatory assignments 40%
                                  -  Written assignment(s) 30%
                                  -  Oral assignment(s) 30% (Videoed)

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