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    Herzlich Willkommen im Kurs Saksa 1!

    This is a beginner's course, we use the Finnish textbook "Freut mich 1" (Blanco, Kudel; Otava). But even if you do not speak or understand much Finnish, you can join this course, as we provide English translations of exercises and instructions. 



    The course German 1 for professional needs is a beginners' course. After the course you have basic skills to have a conversation in German speaking countries and working life. You can introduce yourself and tell about your work, express your opinion, and communicate e.g. in a restaurant, hotel or when shopping, write an email, and tell about your country.


    Pronunciation, basic grammar structures like verb conjugation, articles and cases, listening comprehension and oral communication skills, as well as short written assignments. Oral conversation exercises have a central role in the classes. Additionally you'll get information about German speaking countries.

    Important to know

    The course is organized using blended learning. You have classes once a week (first period in ZOOM, second period still unsure), the second class as well as the homework for both classes are done independently using MyCourses. Under "Kursplan" you can see, what was done in class and what you should do before the next class. Please, note that the course includes a lot of independent studying, so don't leave everything for the last evening.

    Please, note that there are compulsory extra excercises in MyCourses to each chapter of the book.

    Mandatory attendance at classes (80%).

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