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    程金华 Jinhua Cheng

    Learning Outcomes:  

    This is a supporting course for Chinese 3 course. Students learn approximately 150 new characters and study vocabulary related in Chinese 3 course.


    Study Material:

    • 吃了吗 Chi le ma ? (Kiinan peruskurssi / a course in basic Chinese)
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    Course content : Chi le ma textbook chapter 7-9 vocabulary.


    Assessment Methods and Criteria:

    1. Self-study
    2. 3 assignments 
    3. and a final (group) examination.


    We start the course after the Zoom meeting:    23.09.20     wed 12.15-13.45, 

    Zoom link:          


    汉字三考试安排    Chinese characters 3 test we have THREE  possible dates below:   


    1. 12月4日   教室 Classroom test  Friday 9.50 -12.30   (Place: Otakaari 1, U wing, second floor, classroom U261)  
    2. 12月9日   教室 或 网上考试同步    Classroom or Zoom test   Wednesday   15.00-17.00   
              (Otakaari 1, U wing classroom U261 or Join Zoom Meeting ) 

          3. 12月16日  教室 或 网上考试同步   Classroom or Zoom test   Wednesday   12.30-15.00    
              (Otakaari 1, U wing classroom U 261 or Join Zoom Meeting )


    Return and upload the assignments in MyCourses or directly give them to the teacher the latest on the test date (16. 12.2020).      


    One important link: