Topic outline

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this course in 2020 is completely online!
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    The objectives of the course are to teach basic knowledge of the meaning of mechanical material selection, available structural materials, sources of information, material selection criteria and systematic methods of material selection. During the course students will learn to use a computer-aided material selection program, GRANTA EduPack, preciously called Cambridge Engineering Selector (CES).

    Learning Outcomes

    After the course the student can:

    1. Utilize systematic methods for materials selection
    2. Compare and choose materials on the basis of the design requirements.
    3. Criticize and compare alternative materials solutions for designs.
    4. Examine the product life cycle phases.
    5. Identify major trends in the evolution of the state of the art in engineering materials and their implications for mechanical design.

    Course staff

    Teachers: Prof. Junhe Lian ( and Prof. Sven Bossuyt ( 

    Course assistant: Zinan Li (


    KJR-C2004 / COE-C2004 or a similar basic course on materials science.


    Each "multiform teaching" session will include a preliminary task which must be submitted to the corresponding MyCourse workshop before the class. These tasks will guide the students in independently studying from the textbook, and serve as the basis for discussion in class. Part of the course grade is based on timely completion and quality of these task reports and active participation in the discussions in class and online.

    In addition, the course features lectures introducing the state of the art in engineering materials, and is integrated with project courses: instead of an examination, students apply in their project course what they learned from this course, and write up a case study about materials selection for a component.

    All students can install their personal copy of the GRANTA EduPack to their own computers. (Windows 7 or newer is needed. No MAC or Linux version is available, but the program seems to be fully functional in virtual environments). The GRANTA EduPack is installed on computers in computer classrooms of the Mechanical Engineering Main Building. The license is available at


    Ashby, M. F., Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (4th or 5th edition recommended).

    The course book is available as e-book in Aalto University library system. The course book is well structured and easy to follow, and it is strongly recommended.


    • Weekly task works (5 in total),
    • Peer review and active participation in class
    • Case study or link with project work


    Evaluation is based on:

    - the weekly task works (5 in total), including discussion and peer feedback

    - the case study report

    - participation in class


    Seminars are an important part of course evaluation. After each presentation, you should submit answers for 3 questions according to the topic discussed by 20:00 of the same day.


    Course introduction
    Materials testing and characterisation
    Materials Safety
    Welding Technology & NDT
    Casting Technology
    Metals and Alloys
    Materials Modelling and R&D