Topic outline

  • Special assignments are independent experiments, projects, or literature surveys on the topics of mechanical engineering. A plan with the tasks and deliverables for each assignment are to be agreed between the student and the supervisor individually, and approved by the director or deputy director of the programme beforehand. In any case, the deliverables shall include a report that at least briefly describes the context in which the assignment originated, reflects on the relevance of the assignment to mechanical engineering, justifies the tasks included in the assignment, and critically evaluates the outcome. All professors and lecturers of the Department of Mechanical Engineering can act as supervisors of special assignments.

    In completing the assignment, the student gains experience in:

    • formulating a technical challenge and defining criteria by which to evaluate a solution
    • identifying, obtaining, and interpreting relevant documentation, standards, and scientific literature
    • analysing and solving technical questions or problems
    • planning and documenting independent work
    • developing research-based deep knowledge about a specific topic
    • building and demonstrating a unique professional identity

    Prerequisites: 20 ECTS in the area of specialisation of the assignment