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    The course utilizes problem-based learning concept. Starting from concept design developed in MEC-E1004 - Principles of Naval Architecture (PNA) course, students outline the drawbacks and improve the ship design (preliminary design). The skills and knowledge, accumulated during M.Sc. studies are utilized.

    Students demonstrate independent work, critical judgement, engineering thinking and good team working. Assignment is carried out in groups of 3-5 students, preferably the same as in PNA –course. The final project is presented in the end of the course to experts from industry and academia.

    The Ship Desing Portfolio -course includes workshops and computer classes (NAPA workshop), and Marine Technology Gala (Final Project presentation to industry presentatives). The written assignments include mid-term progress reports, gala presentation and final project report. The existing report template from PNA -course is utilised.


    The course starts on 15 January 2021 at 10:15
    The students’ participation in the first lecture and workshop is necessary in order to agree efficient and smooth working methods for each participant. The course content, project assessment, scheduling and grading are presented and discussed. Furthermore, the project groups are agreed.

    The course is organized remotely online using Microsoft Teams.

    Course schedule