Topic outline

  • The Pdp Gala is just around the corner and will take place on 21st May! On this same day, we will have the Pdp talks and Gala stand exploration.

    This year Pdp Gala will be unique! We will move digital and, for the first time, set a fully remote Gala. Even if challenging, we believe these remote conditions might maximise some event outcomes. 

    Check the PdP Gala Agenda here.

    What about the Digital Booths? The Pdp Gala will be hosted on a digital event platform where all the teams will have their virtual stand and the opportunity to present their presentation on the virtual main Stage. 

    Check your team's on-site space for the digital booth, at Design Factory, here. You can start building your booth at its final location on 15.05.

    What about the PDP talks? The presentations will be pre-recorded on a teleprompter and will have a maximum duration of 7 minutes. We kindly ask the Presenter of each team to prepare and rehearse a presentation script. The DF staff will arrange the recording and editing of this material. After the presentation time on the Gala day, we will have a 7 minutes Demo facilitated by a team of reporters and journalists from ADF that will live-stream and interact with the team's prototype, team members and remote visitors.

    In a nutshell:

    What? The PDP final gala is your chance to present and showcase your project to the class and the world.

    How? You will have a pre-recorded presentation of 7 minutes and a live-stream demo section of 7 minutes where you can pitch and introduce your project. Your team will also have your digital stand where you can build coherent storytelling for your project with supporting media (slides, picture, video) to showcase your process and frame the final prototype for virtual interaction.

    When? May 21ststarting from 09:00 to 17:00 in Remote conditions.