Topic outline

  • The course will start with a lecture on Monday the 26th of October at 13:15 in Teams. Welcome!

    This semester whole course is fully-remote, completely online and no presence at the campus is required. This course is organized for the first time, so all feedback is warmly welcomed and appreciated!

    If you have any questions or comments, please use Teams to do so. Try to use group chats rather than sending direct messages, as it creates a better sense of community and your concern is most likely answered faster.

    • Student must submit this questionnaire to complete it

      Start off the course by filling out this very short survey about your background and the course! Should not take more than a minute.

    • Not available unless: The activity Pre-course Questionnaire is marked complete
    • Every week will start of with an announcement about the activities, practicalities and updates of the week.